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The average human will take approximately 23,000 breaths per day. As such, strengthening your lungs will lead to many more days of being able to take those breaths.

Building up your lung health is a simple task that you can do every day. Besides the obvious solutions of not smoking and not exposing yourself to harmful carcinogens, breathing techniques can help increase your lung capacity and your lung health.

Aerobic Activities
Start by participating in an aerobic activity. This would be something like walking, biking, or swimming. Exercise using aerobic activity at least five days a week for 30 to 60 minutes each time. To achieve the best results, mix up your routine and add variety as each activity works your body in a different way. While participating in a cardiovascular exercise, you’re strengthening to muscles that are around your lungs. They’re working harder to provide your body the oxygen that it needs. Over time, the respiratory system will become more efficient and after a few short weeks, you’ll notice that you won’t be as out of breath while climbing stairs or walking up hills.

Deep Breathing
Try implementing a deep breathing exercise into your daily life. Deep breathing challenges your lungs to work harder to allow for the extra air you are attempting to take in. Inhale through your nose and allow your stomach to move outwards. The diaphragm will drop down to allow the lungs to fully expand. While exhaling through your nose, let your stomach move inwards. This contracts the diaphragm muscle and pushes the air out of your lungs. Attempt this deep breathing exercise for 10 to 15 minutes each day. Each time you practice this exercise, concentrate on making each breath gradually deeper and slower.

Add Resistance
To add a little more challenge to your deep breathing exercises, try adding some resistance. A great tool to use would be a stretching exercise band. Wrap the band around your chest while holding it with your hands. While you inhale, you will be forcing your lung muscles to push against the resistance band in order to expand. Follow this by exhaling slowly. If you don’t have a resistance band available, you can utilize a small ankle weight and lay it on your chest. While breathing, attempt to move the weight up and down on your chest.

Lung health is extremely important to maintain a healthy life. By adding these techniques to your daily exercise regiment, you can strengthen your lungs and put yourself the best position to remain healthy.