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Eating healthy for anyone, no matter if they have lung disease or not, is always a challenge. One of the bigger issues is just having the time to cook a healthier option. With technology, it is easier to find great recipes for anyone who is on the go or needs other options. Fortunately, most of the lung healthy foods we should all be consuming in our everyday diets.

Healthiest Food Options
Fruits and vegetables seem to be the across the board answer when it comes to patients with lung disease, especially asthma. This may seem like very straightforward and simple strategy, but studies have shown, patients with asthma who eat a high quantity of fruits and vegetables in their diets compared to patients who do not, have a much less risk of having an asthma attack.

Unhealthy Food Options
Processed foods are on the other side of the spectrum of unhealthy foods people with lung disease should stay away from as much as possible. When trying to recover from a more specific form of lung disease such as an asthma attack, consuming processed foods cause Ventolin to not work effectively and their airway’s to become even more inflamed.

Food and Beverage Targeting Specific Lung Diseases
With most types of ailments and diseases, experts have found foods that specifically target each form of lung disease, from COPD to asthma. Reader’s Digest goes on to break down each lung healthy food or beverage and what specifically it targets within the lungs.

Salmon has been found to decrease inflammation in the lungs, a common symptom of lung disease. This antioxidant-filled food option is a great addition to anyone with lung disease. Green tea is along the same lines as salmon with it’s reducing of inflammation in the lungs and promotion of better healing within the body.

Most healthy and unhealthy food and beverage items are common throughout many lists. Suggesting people go after more naturally grown alternatives rather than processed foods. But it’s important to know the benefits they can have on different parts of your body and how they can help to improve symptoms of lung disease  Sticking with a healthy diet is a great way to supplement an everyday medical regime in people living with lung disease.