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What is Lung Disease?
Lung diseases are medical conditions that give its sufferers difficulty breathing. There are many different types of lung disease such as asthma, influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis and lung cancer. They are often characterized by shortness of breath, wheezing, or a long-term cough in patients. This disease affects millions of people in the United States and is among the top five main causes of death in the country.

What Causes Lung Disease?
Lung disease can be genetic, but environmental factors play a major role as well. Outside of genetics, the most common causes for this medical condition are smoking and infections. In order to prevent this, if not already born with it, it is important to limit or eliminate smoking and to avoid being in an area at high risk for infection.

Things People With Lung Disease Wish You Knew
It can be difficult living with chronic lung disease, but being misunderstood makes it feel almost impossible. Here is a list of things that people with lung disease wish you knew:

  • Performing Daily Tasks Takes Longer
    CPD sufferers often experience shortness of breath when trying to perform daily tasks like standing up, walking across the house, or cleaning and doing laundry. For this reason, it takes longer for them to do so since they have to catch their breath before being able to continue the task at hand.
  • Don’t Try To Stop Them
    Although it may be more difficult to perform those tasks, don’t try and stop them from doing so. They are capable of performing tasks on their own and avoiding doing it themselves won’t better prepare them to be independent.
  • Planning is Required
    If they don’t plan out where they will park and how far they will need to walk, they may find themselves in a situation leaving them out of breath and disoriented. They often need to find out what the day holds in order to avoid experiencing discomfort.
  • Talking Can Be Difficult
    Walking to meet up with a friend without having a chance to catch your friend makes it much more difficult to communicate. They aren’t avoiding speaking to their friend and certainly do not dislike their company.